3D prototype printservice


Procedure of availing our 3D Printing Services

Step 1:   Create your design using SketchUp, AutoCAD, VectorWorks or any of the open source 3D modelling software.

Step 2:   Create a .stl file of your model.

Step 3:   Upload/email your .stl files onto our email:  3D@macinfo.be , along with specific instructions.

Step 4:   Our team will evaluate the design and reply within 24 hours giving you following details

a.  Can we print the design with existing setup.

b.  Estimated cost and time required.

c.  Any other observations.

Step 5:   Based on the above input, you give us a OK and make the PayPall payment.

Step 6:   We print your design on our 2-color 3D printers and deliver it to your doorsteps.