SketchUp specialist

Teacher for SketchUp for beginners or advanced users.

Programmer for industrial assignments.


SketchUp in 120 minutes!

Our Sketchup Design Projects are about everything you want to know regarding 3D-drawings.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these categories?

  • You bought a 3D-printer and want to make your own print files.
  • You want to show your client a virtual walktrough of a new 3D-interior design.
  • You are an architect and want to see how your design will look like.
  • As engineer, you want to calculate energy performance or usage parameters.

With our direct approach we will teach you how to finish this job in 120 minutes.



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Assignments are accepted and worked out in consultation with the customers.

An assignment can be combined with a course ‘how to program dynamic components’ for your staff.

Always available for more information by phone or email.

We start programming after signing a Service Level Argreenment and a non disclosure.


Kind regards,


Johan Van Synghel


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Information on learning the basic concepts ofSketchUp or how to do make advanced dynamic components: